The Chinese in Southeast Asia - Victor Purcell

The Chinese in Southeast Asia - Victor Purcell

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The Chinese in Southeast Asia was first published in 1951 and was reprinted the following year. Since then it has gained acceptance as the standard work on the subject, but has long been out of print. The author has now prepared a revised edition, giving the statistics for 1960 but bringing the text in most cases up to date to a later period, and incorporating some 50,000 words of new material. The format of the book has been changed and the size increased, but while making room for the new material has necessitated some cuts, most of the basic historical and descriptive matter has been retained. The new edition will be essential to students of Far Eastern affairs. 

The author was a member of the Malayan Civil Service, 1921 - 46, a Consultant, United Nations, 1946 - 48, and Lecturer in Far Eastern History at Cambridge University, 1949 - 63. He was the author of many other books on the Far East, including The Chinese in Malaya (1948), China (Nations of the Modern World) (1962), The Revolution in Southeast Asia (1962), and The Boxer Uprising (1963). He died not long after completing work on this new edition. 


Oxford University Press. 1965. 623 pages. Hardback.