Papers on Malay Subjects - Selected and Introduced by P.L. Burns, Edited by R.J. Wilkinson

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It is now more than sixty years since the last of the Papers on Malay Subjects was published, but they continue to be of interest to scholars, partly because they mark the first attempt to write a systematic account of the Malays of the Malay Peninsula, of their society, cultural traditions and history, and partly because they contain much valuable material which is no longer available. Some of the 'parts' have been superseded by later scholarship, and still others reprinted; nevertheless they remain a valuable source of material on Malaysia's social and political history.

The selection of Papers reprinted in this volume deal with history: they are the five parts of the 'History' section of the First Series and numbers one, two and four of the Second Series. Wilkinson's 'History of the Peninsula Malays' published in 1923, was his third revision, with the addition of chapters describing events that led to British intervention in Perak and Selangor. The minutes of the Perak State Council for 1877 - 82, the only extant record of this institution, illustrate the role played by the State Council in the development of modern government in Perak. The rest of the papers in this volume - on Negri Sembilan - remain a valuable source of information on history and political institutions of this State.

The background to the publication of the two series of Papers on Malay Subjects is outlined by Dr. Peter Burns in his Introduction, in which he has also described the Papers as a whole. 


Oxford University Press. 1971. 468 pages. Hardback.