Gayatri Rajapatni: The Woman Behind the Glory of Majapahit - Earl Drake

Gayatri Rajapatni: The Woman Behind the Glory of Majapahit - Earl Drake

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Gayatri Rajapatni: The Woman Behind the Glory of Majapahit by Earl Drake imaginatively re-creates Gayatri’s world, placing her at the centre of Majapahit’s great history. Rich in historical detail and dramatic prose, Drake’s story sheds light on one of Indonesia’s forgotten leaders, and one of its most powerful kingdoms.

The kingdom of Majapahit, once centred in present-day Java, Indonesia, grew to become one of the country’s most glorious empires. From the late thirteenth century until the early years of the sixteenth century, Majapahit slowly expanded its reach, incorporating parts of Sumatra, Malaysia and Bali into its realm, as well as many other regions along the Straits of Malacca. Its rich history includes tales of battles with and against the Mongols, of wise kings and queens, and of an inclusive spiritual tradition; its legacy includes Indonesia’s greatest works of sculpture, a unique architectural style still to be found in Bali, and epic poems such as the Nagarakrtagama. Many historians have shown that the Majapahit kingdom and its great Prime Minister Gajah Mada first united the many islands of Indonesia together under one rule.

By searching through the literature of the era, author and historian Earl Drake found that one historical figure played a key role from the beginning of the Majapahit kingdom until its glory days under King Hayam Wuruk: Gayatri Rajapatni. Born a princess in her father’s kingdom of Singhasari, she married Majapahit’s first king, gave birth to its first queen, and was grandmother to Hayam Wuruk, its most successful leader. She witnessed the rise of the kingdom, was beloved by its people, and was greatly praised by all after her death.

2015. Areca Books
22.86 cm x 15.24 cm, 160 pages
ISBN 9789675719233 (Softcover)