Budi Kritik - edited by Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib, Nurul Fadiah Johari

Budi Kritik - edited by Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib, Nurul Fadiah Johari

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Why is it important to imbibe a thinking culture? What can contemporary Malays contribute by way of an active intellectual and social life towards reform and progress? Where are the loci of critical thought in Malay public life?

In a revealing book of essays edited by Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib and Nurul Fadiah Johari, writers from various backgrounds—academics, researchers, community organisers, and social activists—offer insights and critical reflections into contemporary Malay society. These essays span wide-ranging fields—from culture to religion, identity to literature, faith to governance—with a shared objective: to promote the will to think and challenge dominant perspectives.

By actively engaging in the identification of problems in society, defining and diagnosing them, Budi Kritik offers ways to overcome these problems through deep thinking, cogent analysis, perceptive insights, and an unwavering commitment to lasting peace and progress. This is a necessary and urgent book for anyone asking where the Malay voices are in public discourse.


These 22 thought-provoking essays from an array of Malay intellectuals with deep insights, have identified problems, defined them, made diagnoses and suggested possible solutions. They reflect a critical history of budi (intellect) and budaya (culture) while planting seeds of progressive ideas to transform the future of the 380 million inhabitants of the Nusantara region.
Hoon Eng Khoo, Associate Dean (Academic Affairs) and Associate Professor of Science (Life Sciences), Yale-NUS College


Ethos Books
Published: 2018
Dimension: 130mm x 200mm
260 pages. Paperback