A commentary on the Hujjat al-siddiq of Nur Al-Din Al-Raniri - Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas

A commentary on the Hujjat al-siddiq of Nur Al-Din Al-Raniri - Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas

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This work is the first commentary of this nature that has ever been written in the Malay world. It is also the first major work on al-Raniri (d. 1658) unlike anything that has appeared before, and an original study in depth and evaluation of his influence in the religious and intellectual tradition of Islam in the Malay world.

The author demonstrates in his commentary that the unity of ideas in the world of Islam pertaining to the intellectual interpretation of the nature of reality as formulated by Islamic metaphysics is not confined only to particular parts of that world, but to the whole of it. A comprehensive metaphysical system formulated to explain the nature of God, the universe, and man, was known also in the Malay world.

Professor al-Attas clarifies the distinction between the positions of the theologians, the philosophers, the Sufis, and the pseudo-Sufis on fundamental metaphysical issues; and demonstrates intellectual Sufism or Islamic metaphysics, which has long been subjected to much controversy and misunderstanding, is neither pantheistic, nor monistic, nor dualistic in its conception of the nature of the ultimate Reality.

Unlike contemporary worldviews based on philosophical interpretations of the statements and general conclusions of science, which do not reflect the integral wholeness of the nature of reality, Islamic metaphysics projects a worldview established upon the principle of the transcendent unity of existence, which reflects the organic wholeness of the material-physical and the spiritual dimensions of existence as they are no other than the exterior and interior aspects of a single, dynamic and all-encompassing transcendent Reality. The understanding and formulation of this integrated metaphysics in rational and intellectual terms will have profound significance in our present age of scientific developments, for by it is science challenged to redefine its scope and method and to rectify its vision of the world.

Includes edited transcription of the text of the facsimile of Hujjat al-siddiq li-daf` al-zindiq by Nur al-Din al-Raniri and English translation.

Includes bibliographical references (p. [507]-517) and indexes.

Ministry of Culture, Malaysia, 1986 
xix, 517 pages. Hardback with dustjacket