Christianity and Islam Under the Sultans, 2 Volumes - F. W. Hasluck (1929)

Christianity and Islam Under the Sultans, 2 Volumes - F. W. Hasluck (1929)

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*The author of these two volumes died in 1920 in Switzerland at the age of forty-two after several years of failing health. This is the third posthumous book that his widow has been able to publish. First, in 1924, came Athos and its Monasteries; then, in 1926, Letters on Folklore and Religion; and now these two volumes complete the harvest.

These two volumes are divided into three parts. book. In the first part Hasluck studies what he called the process of Transference, by which in this special case Christianity has at many of its sanctuaries in the Islamic area been forced to give way to the religion of the conquerors. Some of the chapters in the third part, the Miscellanea, were destined to go with these towards a fuller treatment of these transferences from Christianity to Islam and vice versa. The second part is devoted almost entirely to Islam; to it would have been joined the rest of the chapters in Part III, and with further material added a book would have been made to be called Studies in Turkish Popular History and Religion. We have thus before us part of the material for two separate books. Hasluck had further formed the idea of applying the principles acquired from his systematic study of popular religion in Greece and Turkey to Palestine and Western Europe, and this would have produced two more books on Transferences : one for Western Europe on transferences from paganism to Christianity and, to judge from hints in the Letters, from the cult of local saints to the cult of the Virgin and of the more important and central saints of Christendom, and one for Palestine on transferences from Christianity to Islam.

Oxfors University Press. 1929. First edition. Hardback with dustjacket. Yellowish and some foxing. Everything else in good condition.

*text from review in The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies