The Origins of Malay Nationalism - W.R. Roff

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The slow growth of communal, ethnic, and national feeling among the peninsular Malays during the first four decades of this century, and the expression of this feeling in voluntary associations of a potentially nationalist nature are the subjects of Dr. Roff's study. The author points to three new Malay elite groups as offering an implicit challenge to the traditional status quo in the interests of a distinctly Malay nationalism. Within the context of the continuing presence of British protectorate rule and the resulting rapid economic and social development of the peninsular states outside the Malay peasant sector, the author focuses on the three new leadership groups, describing and analyzing their relationship with the traditional elite and with the general peasant population. Research into a variety of Malay-language publications, long periods of residence by the author in Malay households, and interviews with people who participated in the events described form the basis for Dr. Roff's study.

'A major contribution to the historiography of modern Malaya.' -- John Bastin, University of London, Yale Southeast Asia Studies, 2. 

Dr. Roff was a lecturer at the University of Malaya.


University of Malaya Press. 1967. 297 pages. Paperback.